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What Is BOSU

BOSU Classes Singapore - BOSU trainingBOSU Classes Singapore - BOSU trainingBOSU Classes Singapore - BOSU trainingBOSU Classes Singapore - BOSU training

The creator of the BOSU, David Weck, designed the workouts to help alleviate the inherent balance issues of working out with a stability ball. According to Weck, “Standing atop the BOSU dome you instantly become aware of your body’s subtle (or not so subtle) postural adjustments and reflexive reactions to imbalance. The uniquely “stable – unstable” surface enables you to train to your personal point of challenge and progress without incurring excessive risk.”

Benefits of BOSU

Improved Balance

This one goes without saying, as the beginning of every BOSU is based on balance.

Improved Body Awareness

As you improve your balance and spend longer periods of your work out on the BOSU, you will develop a greater sense of how your body works.

Better Core Connection

With core exercises, you can position your body so that you are either gravity assisted or resisted, as with any stability ball exercise, but with a base that is more solid.

Improved Coordination

The more time you put in on the BOSU, working on your stability and balance, the more your coordination is bound to improve, as they go hand in hand.

Improved Stability

Stability can be looked at as the third leg of a very important tripod. Adding improved stability to balance and coordination is one of the reasons that BOSU is an incredible training tool.

BOSU Classes Info

  • TRX classes are done in groups of 8.
  • Each participant will have an individual TRX and other fitness gadgets ( applicable based on class type )
  • We recommend you bring an exercise mat, water, and towel.
  • Our 60 / 75 mins multi-level classes are filled with fun, high adrenaline, long term results.
  • We offer a one-off Trial session ($20/- ). Please register below.

Location of Classes: 112 Middle Road

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